Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Month Without Sugar

I'm stealing this idea from someone else. I made the decision to go sugar-free for a month before serendipitously discovering her blog. And I was apprehensive about only a month! She committed to a year! Surely I can achieve my goal then. It's only 31 days. I plan to read one of her posts every day. Her January 1st post will be my October 1st reading, January 2nd will equal October 2nd, etc. My hope is that she will give me some good ideas and inspire me to stay committed even when I somehow end up with a double chocolate fudge brownie in one hand and a warm, fresh iced sugar cookie in the other. Before I make the decision to indulge, I promise to read her post first, and then decide. If I still want the sugar, then I'll do a meditation first, and then decide. If I still want the sugar... well, you get the idea. "This too shall pass." I must always remember that urges pass. By definition, urges are short and temporary. Urges will go away whether I indulge in them or not.

(My inner brat is going to need a lot of silencing over the next few weeks.)

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