Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moment of the Day: A Word of Kindness

Moment of the Day

After finally using my Groupon for a facial today, I drove in a zen-like state to my favorite sandwich shop for a healthy Garden Delight sandwich (with a side of greasy potato chips... yin, yang).  I walked right up to the counter and placed my order.  As I turned around to take a seat, I was shocked to see a line of about 12 people standing behind me.  They all came in at the same time and only two people were working - one at the register and one at the sandwich station.  

As I sat in my zen-like state observing the situation, I became sympathetic to these girls and wanted to jump in and help.  Both of them were efficient and quick which probably helped the attitude of all those waiting in line.  No one seemed to be giving them grief, thank goodness.  But no one was cheering them on either.  They were pretty indifferent.

And here's where I wanted to step in again and suggest to these remarkably patient customers that they pay the girls a compliment on how well they were handling the rush.  I've done my time in the food service industry and I've had my fair share of moments like this, and I gotta tell ya, when a customer notices that you're working your butt off to take care of everyone, and they say something positive to you about it, it makes your day.  It gives you a boost and you somehow find even more energy and motivation to get the job done.  

Moral of the Moment of the Day, the next time you're a patient customer being waited on by a service person who's obviously overwhelmed, just say, "Hey, you're doing a great job."  It'll make their day.  And yours.  

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