Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weighs and Measures

A friend gave me some great advice regarding my goals.  It's something I already knew, but had forgotten, and am grateful for the reminder.  This thing of setting a goal to do something every single day is expecting perfection from myself.  And we're not perfect.  I'm not even close.  Plus, life happens and sometimes you just can't get to that goal on a particular day.  

As soon as I read that, I felt a weight lifted.  How could I have forgotten that?  I'm setting a new expectation.  I will complete the goals more days than not.  A simple majority.  The whole idea is to make little improvements in my life, and I certainly don't need to do something every single day in order to do that.  Going from meditating 0 days during a month to meditating 20 days during a month, for example, is an improvement.  

I don't have to hit all 30 days in order to be successful.  I'm still going to aim for 100%, there's nothing wrong with that.  But when perfection doesn't happen, I won't feel like I failed.

Thanks, Mitch!

With that said, November Goals Status:


Walk at Lunch

November 1
Done – Bridge/Gilman Route
Done – “Opening the Energy Centers”
November 2
Done – Inside Stairs
Done – “Affirmations”
November 3
Done – Inside Stairs
Done – “Meditation Journey”
November 4
Done – Buildings Tour
Done – “Meditation Journey”
November 5
Done – Bridge/Gilman Route
Done – “Breathing/Meeting with Advisor”
November 6
n/a  - Saturday
Done – “Energizing your Mind & Body”
November 7
n/a - Sunday
Done – “Creating Confidence & Motivation”

Floss my Teeth

November 8
Done – “Focusing & Performing your Best”
November 9
Done – “Healing & Recovering Quickly”
November 10

Today, Yesterday, I was thankful for...
...these cool measuring glasses.  They're so easy to use and I love them.  I use them for every recipe.  You can measure any increment you need in any form... cups, ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons, etc.

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