Monday, November 1, 2010

November Goals

Well here we are at November 1st.  I feel the need for speed goal-setting.  The sugar thing is gonna have to wait until January, which makes much more sense.  Plus, a faithful and fearless friend has stepped up to take the sugar-free challenge with me, but only if we start January 1st.

Sucrose Scrappers Unite!
(January 1st)

Learning from past mistakes, I realize now that I took on way too much for October.  I did, however, manage to instill two great habits into my daily routine from that mess:
1:  I'm writing every day, not just in my blog, but on the 750 Words site as well, and I'm loving it.
2:  Every day, I'm consciously and keenly aware of things for which I'm grateful and sharing those moments here.
Since I succeeded in establishing two October goals that have now become habits, I decided to set two November goals as well:
1:  Listen to a meditation/guided visualization every day for the month of November.  I figure, if I start with my head first, and brainwash myself into believing I'm already a naturally, healthy person who doesn't like sugar, then that gives me a head start for later.  ;)
2:  And just to make it complicated, because I seem to lean that way (either that or I'm just trying to avoid exercising for the whole month), I set four mini-goals for #2.  Week One:  Walk at lunch every day.  Week Two:  Floss every day. (No. No, I currently do not do that.  I know.)  Week Three:  Exercise every day.  Week Four:  In bed by 9:00 PM every day (I get up at 5:00 AM). 
Wish me luck!

(P.S.  November 1st gets recorded as successful on both counts... On my way! :)

MMMmmmmmm.... Fresh-squeezed *organic* orange juice.  That's what I'm grateful for today.


  1. Great goals! The flossing them made me LOL because the husband and I were just sitting here discussing our differing flossing habits and then I read that. He commented on how much more quickly I floss than him. He like digs and digs repeatedly between each took. Takes forever. I just go in and out between each tooth. Takes no time. However, I floss like six times a day. Every time I eat something. Totally obsessive. I can't stand to feel like there is a speck of anything between my teeth! I have dental floss stashed everywhere, always within reach. It's a problem. :)

  2. Too funny! I prefer your method to your husband's, although it probably takes me a month to floss as many times as you do in one day. ;)

  3. Having a sugar-free buddy will be nice! It helps to have a partner in crime I think. I agree, great goals!