Saturday, October 2, 2010

October is the new January

Everyone around me seems to be setting October Resolutions.  Which is pretty neat and serendipitous.  Having just returned from the Fall Squam Art Workshop in New Hampshire, resolved to tap into my inner creative self, it's perfect timing.

The site that got me started with my October Resolutions is Health Month.  I found this site via another blog, along with Health Month's sister site, 750 Words.  I'm doing both of them.  My Sugar-Free resolution is one of my Health Month goals.

While at Squam talking with my new friends, I mentioned these sites and coincidentally, Retta had just heard of them as well, and also started using them!  :)  Buster Benson, the creator of the sites, has done a marvelous job in their design and function.  I encourage you to look them up, especially if there are habits you'd like to start, or stop.  He turns writing and goal-setting into games.  You earn badges, fruits, and points based on your actions and can write your own rewards/consequences for when you succeed (or if you don't succeed).

Then, we both found out about 30 Days of Yoga via a Squammie's website and both signed up.  That starts October 7th.  Again, I encourage you to look this up, especially if you like yoga, or want to make it a habit.  Usually the class is $100 for 30 days, but for the month of October, you pay however much you want, and Marianne will donate every single dollar to help support people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.  How can you go wrong here, right?

Then, I learned about krissie is thankful through Retta's blog list, and yep, we're both doing that.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Krissie is noticing things every day in her life for which she is grateful, taking pictures of them, and sharing one every day on her blog.  We all know that your attitude is your choice.  You can choose to be positive, but you can also choose to be negative.  Focusing on what you're grateful for can help you opt for the one that makes you smile.

I may as well take this opportunity to post today's Thank You:

Thank You, Jill!  For giving me your sewing machine for the mere price of lunch at El Torito's.

(And yes, I realized as I was cropping the pic that the sewing machine is backwards...that's how much of a beginner at sewing I am! :)

THEN, I found out about San Diego's Veg Pledge Week starting today, and of course I'm doing this as well... I actually just switched to vegetarianism a couple of weeks ago, so this one isn't really a challenge, but more of an encouraging validation.  Every day I'll get an email with tips, inspiration and menu ideas.  They're also having events all over the county this week.  I think I might check out tonight's event, Interactive Quiz-Show Presentation by Michael Greger, MD.

WHEW!!!  That's a lot going on!!  :)  But, it's all good...............................


  1. WOW... you go girl!! Coincidentally, I just signed up for "30 Days of Yoga" too. I can't wait to share that journey with you and Retta.

  2. Are we crazy or what?! Look how much we have going on this month!

    The Veg Pledge Week sounds like a great support system. That is really cool.

  3. I know, right?!? The yoga thing is part of our Health Month thing, it's not really two separate things.

    Hmmmm... Carrie. Wonder how you found out about the 30 Days of Yoga? Oh yeah, it was on your rock star's website. ;) Glad we're all doing it. :)

  4. Shelly, Wow, you've got your own sewing machine! I envy you!
    And yes, you are crazy...there seem to be so many things going on with you (and Retta...)! But all sounds great, I guess I should sigh up for the yoga thing, since I have been to lazy to go out of my apartment since I returned from 2-week long trip.

  5. Meri... Yes, you should! :) Although, you better hurry... it starts Thursday. And I think you'll need to email Marianne to sign up because online sign-up is over.

    I can only imagine how exhausted you must have felt going home to Tokyo... after all that travel and everything you did during it. I hope you are quite recovered now and getting motivated to leave your apartment. ;)