Monday, October 25, 2010

If at first you don't succeed

So I'm seriously considering giving the "month of no sugar" thing another try.  I'm pretty bummed that I didn't achieve my goal.  I'll have to think about it some more though, before committing.  I made it 18 days before, over half-way!  Surely I can make it to 30 days on a second try.  Anyone out there want to give it a try with me?  Maybe the buddy system can help us both.  I'm looking at November 1st.

If I do give it a second try, I need to more clearly define what counts as sugar and what doesn't.  You have the refined, processed white sugar that's added to things to make them taste "better" (above) - these I did not have.  And then you have the foods with natural sugars in them like fruits and milks (below) - these I did have.  

And then finally you have the natural sweeteners that are basically sugar like honey, agave nectar, molasses, etc. - and this is where I was stuck.  Do I include these or not?  The goal was to be healthier and to lose the physiological cravings for the stuff, so would the natural sweeteners help or hurt the goal?  I never really decided.  Any thoughts?

Enough about sugar already...

Today, I'm thankful for plants that don't care if you neglect them.

What's the opposite of green?  Whatever that is, that's the color thumb I have.  About three months ago, I brought a plant into work.  Three days later, it was fried to a crisp.  I tried to resuscitate it for about a month... nothing.  So I gave it to Trace, our office plant healer, for some critical care.  And yep, it's thriving now.  And nope, she won't give it back to me.  

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