Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Can't Choose Just One Thing Today

Today, it's all about gratitude.  

I had the urge to take pictures of everything in my home and everything I saw outside.  As I sit on my comfortable couch typing this post, the Chilean miners are being rescued.  I have a live feed on my computer and just witnessed the first rescue worker reaching them.

Imagine everything you've done since August 5th, over two months ago.  Think of all the places you've visited, all the people you've seen, all the fun things you've done.  

I don't know about you, but I've had a lot of experiences in the last couple of months:  had dinner at my favorite sushi place, saw Steve Poltz in concert, did a lot of hiking, went to Wine Steals with some very good friends & had a blast, played Bingo at Sycuan, went to Squam Art Workshop in New Hampshire!, volunteered to help at a few events - the most fun of which was Pugtoberfest, enjoyed lunch with some old friends, came home from work every day, and slept in my bed every night.  

All while I was doing this, 33 people were stuck half a mile underground, trapped in a space smaller than my apartment. Today, I am grateful for everything.  I'm grateful for the shower I get to take every day, for the door I get to walk out of to go to work, for the sun that shines on my face, the rain that falls on my head, and for the bed I get to sleep in every night.


  1. I agree! Wow, I can't even imagine how the the families are feeling right now either. It makes me want to hug everyone! I'm sending a virtual hug your way right now.