Monday, October 4, 2010

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go, cat, go...!

Yep!  Day 4 started and ended with no added sugars entering this body.  I think I'm entering a new stage now.  As I Monday morning quarterback in hindsight armchair coach whatever that phrase is...  As I think about yesterday, I wonder if my cranky mood was simply the result of withdrawal symptoms from the dope, I mean sugar.  I was irritable for no reason, agitated and restless.  Which pretty much describes how it felt to quit smoking the first couple of weeks.  I'm convinced now that my body was (is?) physiologically addicted to sugar.  And I'm gradually weaning myself off of that addiction.

Today, sugared goodies did enter my mind every now and then, but it didn't result in the tragicomedy that was yesterday.  This gives me hope for the rest of the month.  I know I will have some bad days when the thought of not indulging will almost drive me over the edge, but I'm prepared for that.  I think.  We'll see.

The structure of being at work helps a lot, too.  I'm chained to my desk for eight hours and there's no vending machine in our building (thank you, Dr. Palmer for that!) if I really wanted to eat sugar, I'd have to walk over to the next building, and let's face it, my laziness trumps my urges every time.

On to today's Thank You!

Grateful for the Rain!  It hardly ever rains here in San Diego, and when it does, I fully enjoy and appreciate it (except when I'm driving - these crazy California drivers don't know how to drive in weather).  This is from outside my office window.
I want to mention one more thing for which I'm grateful.  I don't have a picture of it, because taking a picture of it would have been just plain weird....  I was in line at Henry's and the guy ahead of me was buying a bunch of vegetables, all of which I recognized except one.  I stood there and thought about whether or not I should ask him what they are.  My shy, introverted self said don't bother, he'll probably just gruffly respond and you'll be sorry you asked.  But the risk-taker in me said, ah heck (censored), just ask him.  Turned out to be a marvelous and fun conversation between him, me, the gal behind me and the checker.  In that moment, we were all kindred spirits.  Grateful for unexpected surprises.  (They were tomatillos.)

(Naturally) Sweet Dreams to you!


  1. YAY... I'm so proud of you for speaking up in line at the grocer!! If you ever get stuck in a similar perdicament, and your risk-taker seems to be taking a coffeebreak, just think "What would Carrie do??" and start chatting away. Even if his response was gruffly... who cares?! In a short while you would have forgot all about him anway, and because you did speak up, you now have a sweet little memory and tomatillo knowledge!!

    P.S. This morning I woke up to a surprise chocolate cupcake, my husband had left for me the night before(cupcakes are one of my most favorite downfalls!!). Reading about your journey without sugar, yet not being ready to eliminate it completely myself, you have inspired me to be more mindful of my consumption of it. So today, I WILL NOT eat that chocolate cup of deliciousness that is taunting me from my kitchen counter... all in honor of you!! Best wishes...

  2. Thank you, fearless Carrie! WWCD. I love it, will do. And you are stronger than me, my friend. I don't know if I could resist a chocolate cupcake staring me in the face and/or sitting on the kitchen counter all day...I'd either have to eat it or grind it up in the garbage disposal! I salute you.

  3. I love a good rainy day! We haven't had much rain this summer and it was so nice to see it raining here the other day too.

    Sugar is a beast to kick but I think you can take it in a fight!

  4. Thanks, Retta! You know, I can't imagine not knowing any of you Squam peeps. Feelin' groovy...

  5. You know what, Carrie and Shelly, I thought about cutting back on sugar this morning, too. I realized last night that I had been eating too much snacks these days, and my work clothes felt a bit tight! I don't think I can go completely sugar-free, but will try. We can do it!

  6. The more the merrier, Meri. :) And yes, we can all do this. For our health and for ourselves.

  7. I think our sugar addictions may have been exacerbated a bit by those wonderful desserts at Squam. Mmmmm... there were definitely some yummy sugar-filled yummies there!!

  8. I have dreams about those macaroons.