Friday, October 22, 2010

Cinderella version 2.0

Today, I'm grateful for two websites:  750 Words and Creative Writing Prompts.  

As part of my literature degree, I took a creative writing class in college.  I surprised myself by actually liking the class and having fun crafting poems and stories.  I had every intention to continue writing after the class was over, but without the guidance of an instructor and a class of peers to share the experience with, that intention fell by the wayside (The Wayside was also the name of the bar I went to every week... Coincidence?  Hmmmm).

My interest in writing was re-ignited by Squam when I serendipitously ended up in a creative writing workshop.  (I thought I had signed up for a short story reading group...ooops.)  About the same time, I discovered the 750 Words site and started using it.  After a couple of weeks of writing, at a loss for writing topics, I googled "writing prompts" and found the Creative Writing Prompts site, which I've been having a lot of fun with.

Today's prompt was to rewrite Cinderella so that the shoe fit one of her step-sisters, not her.  I cracked myself up as I wrote it.  I'm having so much fun with this....I'm not a good writer, I don't pretend to be, and it's not my intention to become one.  I'm writing for myself, just to have fun, and to express a little creativity in my every day life.  

I'm grateful for the 750 Words and the Creative Writing Prompts web sites and for the people who run them for helping inspire my inner creative self.


  1. I am glad you found your creative outlet! By practice, we can improve our skill in almost anything, I believe. Keep writing :)

  2. I read your Cinderella story on Facebook and it is really funny! I'm loving the 750Words site too.

  3. Thanks, Meri & Retta!

    Retta... When are you going to share some of *your* writing? :)

  4. I'm not sure :) Most of mine has been incoherent rambling for the most part. Even when I start off in story form it evolves into me thinking out loud about different things.

  5. Okay... whenever you're ready then. You have an eager volunteer waiting.